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Short Term Medical

Bridge the gap

Health insurance deductibles and out-of-pocket costs can take a toll on your savings should an unexpected medical event occur to you or someone in your family. Metal Gap plans are bundled insurance benefits that can cover the cost of your deductible should an accident, critical illness or hospital confinement take place, reducing the burden and stress from your wallet.

Care Discount Dental Plan

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Temporary Health Insurance

Rates and product availability may change without notice; all quotes expire on the requested effective date.

Delta Dental

Free choice of dentist Plan Maximum of $1,500 per person, per calendar year Benefits increase after the first and second years Orthodontic benefits for dependent children 6 month waiting period for basic procedures 12 month waiting period for major procedures $100 lifetime deductible on ortho Enrollment available regardless of age Group insurance coverage available to members of Benefits Association Inc. Group dental insurance plan is underwritten by Delta Dental Insurance Company

Dental for Individuals and Families

Coverage types Benefits paid for the services listed below are based on the plan selected. (Limits reflected below are per covered person) Preventive care Routine oral exams – limited to one per six months Prophylaxis (the cleaning and scaling of teeth) – limited to one per six months Topical application of fluoride – for dependent children under age 16; limited to one per calendar year (not applicable in all states) Diagnostic care Intra-oral occlusal film Bitewing X-rays (up to a set of four) – limited to one per calendar year Full-mouth X-rays (panoramic film or full series) – no less than 36 months apart Basic care Simple extraction Pin retention – per tooth, in addition to restorations Fillings (restorations) – Amalgam restorations – Composite restorations – limited to anterior teeth and bicuspids – Sedative fillings Maintenance prosthodontics – Denture repairs/adjustments – Denture rebase – no less than 24 months apart – Denture reline – no less than 24 months apart Major care Endodontic treatment Periodontic services Inlays, onlays and crowns Prosthetic services (dentures or bridges) Oral surgery Optional orthodontia discounts OrthoCare is an optional discount program that may provide savings of 15–20 percent on services performed by a contracted OrthoCare orthodontist. The OrthoCare Program is not an insurance benefit, nor is it affiliated with Madison National Life or Standard Security Life as a part of the IHC Dental insurance plan. The OrthoCare Program is not available in all states

Dental Vision Insurance

AmFirst Indemnity Benefits Association, Inc. Dentaflex Classic 2000 Plan Delta Dental PPO/Premier Primary Indemnity Offered By Madison Dental

Vision Insurance

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Vision Choice Plan Offered by VSP

Plan Highlights Annual Examination: $15.00 Copay Materials: $25 Copay No deductibles No waiting periods No Copay for Contacts Your choice of network providers One pair of standard frames each 24 months One pair of single vision of standard lined multi-focal lenses (or) Contact lenses each 12 months Benefits provided In and Out of Network Discounts on Laser Vision Correction

Dental Savings Plan

With a dental savings plan you pay an annual fee and get access to significantly reduced rates. And dental savings plans offer many benefits over traditional dental insurance. Things like no annual caps or limits and absolutely no paperwork. 

Our plans cover more than 100,000 dentists nationwide. These quality providers have agreed to charge reduced fees on the dental services you need. So you'll get the quality care you deserve at a bigger savings than you ever imagined possible. 

Scholars, faculty and student coverage while traveling

Patriot Exchange Program is designed to meet the U.S. visa travel insurance requirements for individuals and groups of two or more students studying abroad or participating in a cultural exchange program, including J1 and J2 visa holders. Coverage may be purchased for spouses and unmarried dependent children traveling with the student/participant on individual coverage. Families are not eligible for Group coverage. Individuals and groups have the option to select from different plan options - $50,000, $100,000, $250,000, and $500,000 maximum per illness/Injury. The $50,000 maximum per Illness/Injury option does not comply with J1 and J2 visa requirements. This program also offers three different areas of coverage, and an Optional Add-On plan for high school sports, personal liability and legal assistance. In addition to the Short-Term plan, groups may purchase an annually renewable Long-Term plan option that that has the flexibility to be tailored to meet specific needs of each program.

Groups of two or more members - Long-term annually renewable employer sponsored group insurance.



  • Comprehensive, employer-sponsored group health insurance for internationally assigned employees
  • Life, dental and daily indemnity coverage
  • Full group takeover and replacement provision
  • COBRA and HIPAA like options
  • Enhanced benefit option for U.S.-based employers

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